A: Royer-Greaves School serves students ages 4.5 years to 21 years old who have visual impairment and other impairments. These may include hearing impairment and/or profound mental disabilities. Royer-Greaves also serves adults with various impairments, including visual, hearing and cognitive disabilities. Please note there is no visual impairment requirement for adult program participation.

A: No. Royer-Greaves creates a unique educational or training experience for each student or adult program participant, based on his or her physical, emotional and intellectual abilities, challenges, needs and interests. A team of professionals work with parents, guardians and the student or adult program participant to set appropriate goals in the form of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Support Plan (ISP).

A: To learn more about our academic, therapeutic, athletic and arts offerings for students, visit our day school page.

Royer-Greaves small size allows us to customize our programs to match the specific needs of each individual student or adult participant. Additionally:

• Our unique music therapy program features both individual and group sessions through which students and adults make music, express themselves and learn other skills.

• Students and adult program participants enjoy supervised aquatics in our heated pool.

• Our dietary services program provides meals that meet each individual’s nutritional needs, accounting for everything from food allergies to chewing and swallowing abilities.

School districts provide transportation to and from Royer-Greaves to our students aged 4.5 to 21 years, as is required by law. Please contact your local district for details.

Royer-Greaves provides transportation to adult program participants who live in Royer-Greaves group homes.

Royer-Greaves also provides transportation for off-campus field trips to both students and adult program participants.

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